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Watching videos on your phone is the biggest consumer of internet. Learn what you need here.

How much wireless internet do I need?

Yes – some parental control software makes this really easy. Learn more here.

Can I limit what sites my daughter visits on the internet?

Tethering is connecting one device to the internet through another device’s cellular connection. Learn more about it here.

I don't really get tethering. What is it?

The most important thing is to avoid paying overage charges. Learn more here.

Useful: How do I avoid internet overage charges?

Well, there are several things to consider, starting with the necessity for the phone and her maturity to use it. We've talked about this here.

My daughter’s asking for a phone. What’s important to know?

With long distance, you’re using your own carrier’s network. With roaming, you’re on another carrier’s network. Learn more here.

What’s the difference between long distance and roaming?

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